Self-Employed & Freelance Small businesses that need accounting, invoicing or payroll
Self-Employed Simple Start Essentials
Was £6.00
£4.20 /month
SAVE 30%
Was £7.00
£5.60 /month
SAVE 40%
Was £15.00
£10.50 /month
SAVE 60%
Seperate business from personal spending
USER ACCESS Access to 2 user Access to 6 user Unlimited User Access
Delivery Format Online Online Online
  Upgradable To PDF/EXCEL
Upgradable To PDF/EXCEL NA All Report All Report
  Report Update
Report Update 1-File 6-File 12-File
  Works on PC, Mac & mobile
Accesss To Online Investment Tracker 1 User Access 2 User Access 5 User Access
  Pre Customization On Update Data
Pre Customization On Update Data 15% Customization 30% Customization 50% Customization
  Analyst Time
Analyst Time 2 Hours Per Month 4 Hours Per Month 6 Hours Per Month

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